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  1. Geoff Turner says:

    Hi Sean. I’m with CBC Radio’s BC Almanac and we were hoping you might be able to join us on the show on Friday afternoon. We’d need you from about 12:30 to 1 pm. Scott Regehr from CBC Sports will also be with us for a Grey Cup special.
    Please give me a call at 604-662-6103.

    Thanks for your time and trouble.

  2. Gord Stone says:

    Hi Sean: Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your appearances on GlobaL TV.I like the way you go straight to the heart of the matter and tell us ‘the real deal” on what’s happening in the financial world.

    Gord Stone

  3. Bob Vincent says:

    Hi Sean

    We’ve met at a few Waterboy Events and we spoke briefly about having you come out and speak to our guys about personal finance.

    We have a team-building session planned for February 3rd and hope you can give our guys some needed advice.

    I you have 15 minutes I can explain what we’re looking for more specifically and give you more background on our crew and what we do. Thanks

    Regards, Bob Vincent
    604 830 0366

    • Sean says:

      Hi Bob,

      Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, as you can tell I don’t monitor this site very much; it’s more of an experiment than a truly active project. That being said if you are still interested in having me speak to your guys give me a call at 604 482 5183 or email me at sean.millington@td.com.

  4. Michael Gee says:

    Sean how can I get an email sent to you?

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